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TBG's Moving to YouTube!

Ever since The Tech Buyer's Guru first hit the 'net in early 2013, readers had been asking us for video how-to guides and reviews. Well, after much contemplation and preparation, TBG's YouTube channel was launched in Spring of 2017, and we'd like to think it's been getting better ever since! We provide in-depth unboxings, reviews, and how-to guides on YouTube for a wide range of products, and over time, we're going to migrating all of our website content to the YouTube format. We feel pretty strongly that seeing is believing, and thus video content makes a much bigger impact than written content. Content consumers agree, as there's been a massive shift from "web browsing" to "YouTube browsing" in the past few years.

    Because we have so much content going up on YouTube, you may just want to to browse the videos directly, including our vast trove of  (which we you hope you'll find entertaining!). You can also scroll down to check out our most recent YouTube videos - we have far too many to list here at this point, so again, you'll probably want to check out our YouTube channel (and !!!).

    By the way, here's the gear we use in our recording studio setup:

    1. Main Camera:  mounted on a
    2. Closeup Camera:  with , mounted on a 
    3. Audio:  with matching
    4. Key Light:  with
    5. Fill Lights:
    6. Software: