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Experience the Full ARGB Effect!

We decided it would be easier to show you rather than tell you what really advanced ARGB effects look like, so we've put together two YouTube videos for your viewing pleasure, the first focusing on Thermaltake's ARGB Sync products, and the second on Corsair's Dominator Platinum RGB RAM.

Thermaltake's ARGB Sync Products:

Corsair's Dominator Platinum RGB RAM:

Closing Thoughts

Well, we already know that RGB isn't for everyone, because forums are filled with "not another RGB product!" comments. The arrival of ARGB probably isn't going to convince the naysayers, but once you've experienced a well-sorted ARGB system, you can't help but appreciate good lighting just like you would stellar case design and materials. We hope ARGB is here to stay, and that skeptics dip a toe into the water with a light strip or a single fan just to see what the fuss is about. Once you get into whole-system lighting routines, you start to see just how cool ARGB can be, even if it doesn't make your PC faster. 

With that said, while things have come a long way since the first LED-lit fans hit the market about 10 years ago, there's more work to be done. Yes, now we have RGB-lit everything, and ARGB-lit coolers, fans, RAM, and lightstrips (with video cards being the main holdout). But with progress comes complexity, and the control schemes for ARGB lighting are much more challenging than those used for standard RGB lighting. We think that's the reason many case manufacturers would prefer to go it their own way with proprietary hardware and software, because then they don't have to worry about product support issues that can be traced back to third-party product.

Alas, fortune favors the bold, and we think the bold thing to do right now is go with industry standards, because PC enthusiasts don't really need a VHS vs. Betamax moment in something as "optional" as lighting. It will only frustrate consumers, when in reality it should be bringing them delight. For that reason, we won't actually be recommending in our guides, despite how good they look. On the other hand, Thermaltake's ARGB Sync products get an A+ in our book, including both its and its excellent  that utilizes these fans, offering not just great lighting effects, but really excellent cooling as well. Now, before you shed a tear for Corsair or suspect favortism, consider that Corsair's Vengeance RGB Pro RAM kits are what we recommend in nearly all of our DIY PC guides, specifically because they look great and sync with all modern motherboard RGB controls. And on the flip side, we've decided to pull our recommendations for all of Thermaltake's case and cooler products that relied on breakout boxes to control their RGB effects. So in a sense, what comes around goes around, and both companies have ended up just about where they started in our eyes!

As always, to see our latest system recommendations at every price, check out our Do-It-Yourself PC Buyer's Guides, updated on a monthly basis with all the latest and greatest enthusiast gear, including the latest in ARGB products!

Editor's Note: We are in the process of securing samples of SilverStone's ARGB light strip products, and will update this article with coverage of these components once we've had a chance to test them.

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